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Microchip Implant & Lost / Found Pets

DogTrac ID Tags
We are licensed and insured to implant Microchips and can provide Cat / Dog ID Tags

We are licensed and fully insured to microchip animals on or off the premises.

We are licensed to implant into Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Ferrets, we also offer a discount for breeders.  

Microchipping is available on or off site.

As well as microchips we offer DogTrac, this is a unique system if your pet is lost, or you have found a stray pet.

DogTrac is a key ring that attaches to your pets collar, it holds no visible personal information, instead it has a unique QR code that can be read by ANY smartphone. 

If you find a missing pet, you scan the DogTrac QR code and the owners contact details are displayed on your phone, this will also send an alert to the owner informing them that their pet has been found, also, where possible the GPS location of the pet will instantly be sent to the owner so they know exactly where their pet has been found.

If you loose your pet, even if it isn’t wearing its collar, a text and email goes straight out to everyone in the Pet Watch Community within a 5 mile radius of where your pet was reported missing. You can also share your missing pet Information instantly on social media.   You can also download a ‘Missing Pet’ poster and there is a 24/7 Lost and Found Helpline.

DogTrac is:


Non Corrosive



Available in 2 different sizes. 

We also supply a key ring for your keys, it works in exactly the same way as DogTrac and there is a reward for the finder.

With DogTrac you get 1 years free Premium Protection, this gives  

  • Access to Vetline - a free telephone service offering unlimited veterinary advice 24/7
  • Lifetime warranty and free lost tag replacement
  • Holiday Cover - Allowing you to set a temporary keeper if your away.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.